Information for players


The membership fee of the club is €40/year, invoiced at the beginning of the season in the autumn. The club fee is €110/year and is billed in two installments, in September and January. Different teams have different monthly fees, depending on the amount of training. 

Monthly fees cover e.g. the following expenses: practice and home match court fees, coaching, league fees, incoming player transfer fees and referee fees for league matches. Payments also take into account the costs of the club's administration, like rent of the club's office, software licenses and team's first aid supplies.  

License to play in the leagues organized by the Finnish Basketball Association, insurance, practice matches, commercial tournaments and match travel are expenses paid by the teams and the players themselves. Also, for example, external additional coaching will be directly paid for by the team.  

Events and communication 

The club is using the myClub app to manage membership registrations, billing, event registrations, attendance tracking and communication. All team and club events can be found on myClub. Attendance to events (including training) must always be registered through myClub - also if not participating. 

The teams also use different WhatsApp groups for communication. 

Training and game outfits  

The players should purchase the club's training outfit, which includes a top and shorts. For the games, players need a game outfit, which includes two tops and one pair of shorts. 
The club's training and game outfit supplier is the high-quality and well-known sportswear brand Craft, which also clothes the Finnish national basketball teams. 


Players participating in league games need a license from the Finnish Basketball Association. The license period is 1.7.–30.6. and the license takes effect from the moment of payment. The license is purchased from the online license store.

The license that should be chosen depends on the age of the player and the league level of the team. The required license for most BC Sisu's junior players is: 13-19-vuotiaat harraste and the Club is: BC Sisu 
However, before buying a license, make sure you know which license you should choose. 

Everyone considers whether, in addition to the licence, they take out insurance through the association. If your own insurance covers sports, then it’s not necessary. 

Away games 

BC Sisu's teams travel to games on Top-Liikenne's high-quality buses. The club supports the teams' travel on Top Liikenne buses to league games on a mileage basis. Part of the travel expenses is paid by the teams/players.