Interested in joining?

Everyone is welcome to join, the club offers activities for enthusiasts of all ages. The goal of the club is to offer its juniors the opportunity for development, both in hobby and as competitive sport.  

You can come and join in at any time, all you need is pair of shorts and a t-shirt, indoor sport shoes, a water bottle and good mood! The club has a two-week free trial period. If after that you wish to join, we will add you as a member through the myClub app. 

The myClub app is used to manage the club's membership register, invoicing, event registrations and communication. All team and club events can be found in myClub. 

If you or your child are interested in playing basketball, contact the club's office and we will find a suitable trial group and provide you more information! 
Jani Luoma 040 5654 213